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Wild Box is a beautiful pine box with a sliding lid that you can use for whatever you want ?

The wild box is designed to pause your day and enjoy a hot drink with natural fruits and 100% pure honey from magical places in Colombia.


- 1 250g honey (origin Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta or Serranía del Cocuy)

- Cloth bag with 50 grams of dehydrated fruit mix.

- Pine box with two compartments, sliding lid and hummingbird engraving on the wood.

If you wish, you can change any of the products for:

A. Honey from Serranía del Cocuy origin bees
B. Honey from Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta origin bees
C. 130gr pollen bottle.
D. 3 chocolates from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. 70-72% cocoa (2 of 20g and 1 of 30g) varied flavors.
Build it however you want. Write to us! we take care of delivering it to your door.

All shipments in Bogotá are FREE.

Shipments to Cajicá, Chía and Soacha: $ 2,500

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