TILLANDSIA SHIDEANA- Garden air plants (small).

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Tillandsia schiedeana is a species in the genus Tillandsia. It was named for the collector Schiede. As an epiphyte it is found "growing in open tropical forests, and saxicolous, growing on cacti and burseras on steep dry slopes in semiarid regions in Mexico, Central America, West Indies, Venezuela, and Colombia at elevations of 750 to 5,500 feet.
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Production Process

They are aerial plants grown by us, live plants and in perfect state of sustenance.


They are easy to hold, excellent durability, novel plants that stand out for all to see and can replace vases

Production Capacity

50,000 units per monthly referral

Packing & Shipping

The product is packed in cardboard boxes with previously marked shredded paper, shipments are made by local parcel companies such as Interrapidisimo, envía or servientrega, according to the request of the clients.

Quality Control

We have the ICA registry that in the entity that is in charge of verifying that the plants are in optimal conditions

Research and Development Capacity.

3.800 units per monthly referral

Trade Capacity


  • The main thing is to be attentive to the foliage of the tree and the humidity of the earth, you must water your bonsai with rainwater when the earth is slightly dry, if the earth is somewhat humid you must wait a while since the roots are very sensitive to the puddling and can rot due to lack of oxygenation.

  • To care for succulents you must bear in mind that they need little water, poor soil with good drainage and lots of natural light without direct sunlight. These plants can retain a lot of water inside so you must watch the watering and avoid the strong sun as much as possible.

  • Tillandsias do not need a lot of water to survive, but they do require a bit of moisture. Irrigation can be done using rainwater or mineral water (as the last option, tap water). This plant likes to be sprayed daily, especially in summer.

  • Bromeliads should always be humid for this reason, it is best to water the plant once a week, you should increase the amount of water application in the hottest months of the year.

  • Cactus require good watering that moistens the entire volume of the soil, not only superficially but without reaching the roots well. It is important that the soil dries well between each watering (the hotter it is, the more often the watering should be).

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Advance payment by bank transfer or online payments. For Colombia it is possible to make payments via Nequi or Daviplata

Delivery Policy

Shipments are made the first two days of each week. It is possible to make shipments in the rest of the week

Refund Policy

Refunds are not possible as it is a perishable material and they are live plants

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