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Fastrack: 38%
Mix of dry Seeds: 60%
Threads: 2%



In addition to providing warmth and remembering the warmest hug, it relaxes muscles, de-stresses, relieves pain and completely relaxes the body. Use it hot or cold. 


Hot:  Put  it  in  the  microwave  oven  for  2  to  3  minutes  depending  on  its  power.  Special  to  provide  warmth, relax muscles, relieve neck, waist and stomach pain. 

Cold: Put it in a plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator for  4  hours.  Use  it  to  avoid  general  inflammations, perfect for after surgeries that require local cold and to relax tired eyes. 

 -Do not wash or overheat. If this happens, put the product  under running cold water to avoid serious burns. 

Colors: you can choose the colour you want 
Heat: relaxes the contracted muscles in the neck and shoulder area, helps reduce high stress levels, and calms the cold. How to use: take it to the microwave oven for 2 to 3 minutes depending on its power.
Cold: Helps general inflammations, reduce migraine and perfect for after surgical interventions that require local cold. How to Use: put the hug in a plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours.
DO NOT wash, as the seeds may lose their properties.
Do not overheat and, if this happens, put the product under a stream of cold water to avoid serious burns. 

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Each of our products is carefully designed to improve the quality of your life and to obtain a plentiful rest. Each product will change, bit by bit, your rest habits, improve the way in which you sleep and the way you feel when you wake up. At NUI we want you to have a sleep routine; particular steps to follow just like we do on our skin care routine. Our products will guide you and support you, from a silk scrunchie to hold your hair while you wash your face, to the slippers that will accompany your mornings. We be- lieve that a good nighttime routine is the key to feeling great, happy, energized, optimistic and to wake up feeling that you sleept "like a baby".

Production Process

1. We search different trendings of products that people are using to sleep and rest better around the world. 2. We study the market in which we are selling (Country, age, income etc..) to develop the prodcuts according to our target. 3. We make samples with different materils until we have the product we want to sell 4. We pack each product according to its package 5. We send it to the final client


- Our Quality - Delivery times - Innovation - Products that every member of the family can use - Durability

Production Capacity

100 - 500 units per reference

Packing & Shipping

Depends on each product

Quality Control

We have one person that makes this process every time we receive our merchandise

Research and Development Capacity.

We have three people working in our factory

Trade Capacity


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