Natural Spicy Sauce Condiment 200ml: Tamarind flavor

Brand: DELAO

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DELAO: Tamarind (Tamarindo)

Product Description:

Spicy sweet sauces made of Tamarind, perfect to try it on your kibbles, dishes, and use it as a dip.


Tamarind, Spicy pepper (Capsicum pubescens), Pepper, Salt, Panela, Water, Preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate), Olive oil.

Net Weight:

210 g.


212 ml.


Glass, Recyclable (can be reused for any purpose or redirect to provider).


After opened please refrigerate.

National Food Certificate: RSAD12196715


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Production Process

Depending on the product we have a different process of production.


A natural based product made by exotic fruits and natural spices.

Production Capacity

1000 Jars/month

Packing & Shipping

For the spicy sauces is packed in two presentations: Box: (105mlx48) Box: (200mlx105) Coffee it varies by purchase quantity (250g)

Quality Control

We are being regulated by the national food and drugs institution, also the American Food and Drugs institution and we also count with Kosher certification

Research and Development Capacity.

Constant change and innovation of flavors and new products

Trade Capacity

Depends on the product

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The negotiation are specially consider by the final destination

Delivery Policy

Based on quantity and destination this could vary

Refund Policy

It depends on the product

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