We are the first B2B marketplace created for manufacturers, distributors and service providers in America.
We offer payment methods and functionalities for immediate purchase with the ease that we are used to in B2C platforms.

We protect all transactions made in Bozinga with Trade Assure.

We have a specialized marketing team and technical support.

  • Create your own personalized store with a control panel where you can manage your entire business.

  • Friendly, easy-to-use integrated sales, billing and marketing solution.

  • We connect you with international markets of your interest and with the service providers you need for sales and export procedures.

  • We have more than 530 categories and translation into 12 languages.
Simple steps to start selling online

Easy to Use

Real Market Data

Exporting to new markets

Customize your business

Set up your business in a few steps.
Use our market data in your business development.
Exporting your products is a great way to grow your business. 
Customize your store to meet your customer needs.

Simple Pricing Structure

  • 6% - 10% - 12%

    Fee per transaction depending on your plan.

  • +
  • $

    Payment for shipping service

  • +
  • $

    Banking fees

  • +
  • %

    Service Tax Depending Your Region

  • +
  • $

    Your Profit

  • =
  • Selling Price 

Our pricing structure was designed to be as simple as possible considering we have sellers from all over the American Continent. Our goal is to help you sell more and grow your business

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