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Sefardi Bozinga B2b Wholesale Marketplace Bussiness Type: Manufacturer
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the seller will always be ready to offer the best treatment and customer orientation

Production Process

After the purchase of the fabric, we proceed to the preparation and then to detail and pack the product


This company, being national, generates a large-scale profit generating employment and contributing to the reactivation of the economy

Production Capacity

our company has a production capacity in high season of 2000 garments per month

Packing & Shipping

The shipment will be made following the established parameters which will be fully known to the client

Quality Control

once made, it is duly reviewed

Research and Development Capacity.

sefardi is constantly in the process of acquiring detailed information from all business areas to maximize sales

Trade Capacity

our commercial capacity lies in the quality of our designs and in the good treatment of our buyers