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If you are unsatisfied with a purchase you made, you can start a dispute and will start investigating. Disputes are 100% free, but remember that this service only applies if you paid through Trade Assure services, terms and conditions do apply.
We require that first both parties, in good faith, try to negotiate to solve the problem in an amicable matter. If after both parties worked for a reasonable time period of 30 days to solve the problem and could not reach an agreement, then can get involved and make the best effort to mediate the dispute. will handle the case and revise the evidence. team will determine if buyer or seller need to submit additional evidence. By default, all buyers and sellers that require our dispute resolution services accept that has the right to determine in its sole discretion and execute a resolution of the conflict between the parties. verdict or decision will be final and both parties agree to recognize decision as final and legally binding. 
In order to report a dispute to you must prepare all relevant documents in a clearly and organized matter.
1. Please prepare a word document that clearly outlines your case, your name, if you are a buyer or a seller, what is the dispute about and what are you trying to achieve, please explain your case in one paragraph, no more than 500 words.
2. Attach all relevant information and supporting evidence:

- Name of Seller User ID & Company Name.

- Item or Items Subject of The Dispute.

- Name of Buyer & User ID. - Copy of Invoice.

- Copy of Shipping Information, Tracking Number if it Applies.

- Amount in USD Disputed.

- Photographs of the merchandise if necessary.

3. Please email all information to with and email subject: Report a Dispute. Our team will contact both parties in a timely matter. Please be patient.