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At we protect intelectual property rights. You can report trademark and copyright infringements to us. Before reporting a possible plagiarism to, please remember that this service only applies if you are the legal owner or legal representative of a brand name or trademark.

We require that first both parties, in good faith, try to solve the trademark or copyright issue in an amicable matter. If after both parties have worked for a reasonable period of time to solve the problem and could not reach an agreement, then can intervene and make the best effort to mediate. Because plagiarism is a crime, we take these reports very seriously and any false claim made to will be subject to legal action against you by our company.
In order to report that someone is plagiarizing your work (copyright) or trademark to you must prepare all relevant documentation in a clearly and organized matter.
1. Please prepare an explanation paper that clearly outlines your case. Include your name and tell us if you are the owner or representative of the Brand or Trademark. Describe infringement information of product or service and let us know what are you trying to achieve. Please explain your case in one paragraph, no more than 500 words.
2. Outline all relevant information and supporting evidence:
  - Attach documents of copyrights or trademark that gives you the legal property rights in the territory that is being disputed.

- Exact Legal Name of the Brand or Trademark that is being subject of plagiarism.

- Attach logo.

- Item or Items Subject of The Dispute.

- Seller Store Name that is subject of your Report.

- Photographs of the merchandise if necessary.

- Court order duly executed by a judge with legal jurisdiction instructing to take action to close the store subject of your report.


3. Please email all information to with and email subject: Report plagiarism. Our team will contact both parties in a timely matter. Please be patient.