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Brand: PrometeQ

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PrometeQ is the top energy-saving device for the residential and industrial usage. With its built-in 8-channel measuring ports, PrometeQ is capable of performing several measurement tasks including: energy measurement, temperature, CO2, humidity, opening and closing, tank level. Besides its main measurement role, PrometeQ is designed to act autonomously  or according to a scheduled set of instructions to carry out tasks to  identify energy leakages and prevent them. 
1-year limited warranty for internal components directly with the manufacturer. 
-Designed to measure and track energy consumption.
-Escalable to integrate 5 devices as a whole more complex unit. 
-Versatile smart planner and executor.
-Works as an-internet-communicated "remote control” for electronic devices. 
-LAN and Wireless (WIFI) connection.
-Big data platform access for 3 years.
-profile manager (administrator and regular users)
-Electronic instrument capable of sensing humidity, temperature, CO2, occupancy, luminosity, tank level.  

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