Plus size pajamas capri pants round neck and short sleeves, Capri pants and short sleeve t-shirt with lace on the neck

Brand: Bozinga Apparel

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Plus size pajamas capri pants round neck and short sleeves, Capri pants and short sleeve t-shirt with lace on the neck

Reference TP2094

Available sizes XL - XXL - XXXL

Available colors:

Peach, lilac, clear mint






It is a fiber very soft to the touch and very comfortable.

It is a very resistant fiber, capable of overcoming abrasion

It is hypoallergenic, so we know for sure that it will not irritate our skin, nor will it cause allergies.

Its composition allows it to be highly breathable, thus allowing air circulation.

No matter the temperature, it will be the best choice because it adapts to all climates: it helps to stay cool when it is hot and to preserve the temperature in the cold.

This characteristic of cotton is related to the way in which the fabric is woven, since its fibers prevent contact with the skin, creating a barrier between the fabric and the skin and avoiding direct contact with heat and keeping those who use it cool. During the winter, the same barrier traps the heat of the body and does not let it escape easily, keeping the heat.



Do not deform:

Does not stretch

Don't shrink

Does not wrinkle

It's lightweight

It is very resistant and durable and versatile

It has great resistance to tension and tearing.

Absorbs less moisture: which allows to repel fungi, mold and bacteria increasing its durability,

Absorbs inks better: Poly-lycra garments have brighter and more durable colors and prints.

Cold Touch: which gives a feeling of freshness and softness to those who wear it.

THE GARMENTS MADE IN POLYLYCRA SPANDEX: They have as a characteristic that in their composition as the name implies, they include a percentage of lycra which gives them elongation and elasticity.


Fine and soft texture, and very pleasant to the touch.

Garments made of viscose have a more sophisticated appearance

The fiber is very absorbent, so the fabric is fresh and breathable.

It does not accumulate static electricity which provides a great feeling of comfort.

Allows you to create wider silhouettes, with fall, fluidity and movement

It has a cold touch, which gives a feeling of freshness.

Both for summer or winter seasons, cool pajamas are a very good option because your body will always be cool and accessories such as the blanket will help you according to the weather.

The styles we have available are:

  • Batolas
  • Capri
  • Long pants
  • Shorts

We are interested that you always have options for bedtime, in addition, find in different colors and designs our styles of pajamas.

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