box of Pisco Puro Mollar x 12 units , a semi-industrial Peruvian product; 42 ° of alcohol, ideal for making short drinks that accompany a meeting between friends and family.


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Grape clusters are collected from the sunny vineyards of Chincha, which after squeezing them are fermented in jars and jugs, the product of which and days later they pass through the alembic to offer us the delicate and fine mollar liquor. It has distinguished aromas that recall aromatic herbs and fruits such as apple, pear, medlar, and dried fruits.
Ideal for preparing drinks such as Pisco Sour, Chilcanos, among others.

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GRIMALDI- PISCO-VINOS ( XBZ) Bozinga B2b Wholesale Marketplace Bussiness Type: Manufacturer
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Production Process

The process begins with the collection of the grapes that come directly from our farm ´´La Bajada´´, then proceeding with the distillation of the grapes in an artisanal way by our stills, achieving the quality of our products, acts for bottling and consecutively the sale, the final procedure is given in our sales warehouse; where it is concluded with the correct packaging of our Wines and Pisco.


- Semi-handmade wines and Pisco with a tradition that lasts for more than 20 years. - Management of the entire production chain (from harvest to packaging).

Production Capacity

5 containers per month

Packing & Shipping

all our boxes have individual separations to ensure the proper transport of the merchandise Our shipping method is carried out after coordination, taking into account points such as: agreements with the country of commerce, quantity of products purchased, special shipping methods, among others.

Quality Control

We have all the national certificates for the commercialization of our products

Research and Development Capacity.

Yes, all our staff is properly trained for the production and sale of our products.

Trade Capacity

all production is 100% available for commercialization

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payment starts with 50% at the time of ordering and is completed at the time of shipment.

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varies depending on the country and its international trade policies

Refund Policy

We will handle a complete verification of the merchandise before making the shipment, where the client will give the approval and we will avoid future problems in the transfer of the merchandise.

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