Pisco 4 Fundos Quebranta, 42 vol. alcohol, very fine distillate

Brand: Pisco 4 Fundos

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4 Fundos Quebranta elegantly expresses all the richness and character of this variety so typical of Peru. It has a unique profile, with a balance very well achieved between aromas, alcohol and body. A round, harmonious and complex distillate, with banana, green apple and almonds as the most notorious descriptors, it delivers a warm smoothness and silkiness on the palate, with a pleasant and long finish. Really a great exponent.

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Monte Grande E.I.R.L. RUC 20513968397 Cel. +51 997590209 4fundos@gmail.com 4fundos.pe

Production Process

Our grapes are grown in our vineyards. We prioritize quality over quantity, so we work with delicate dedication in the development of our bunches. We talk to the plants. We take care of the entire process, from cultivation, transfer, warehouse work and storage conditions to bottling and marketing. Really from the vineyard to the glass.


4 Fundos is a fine Pisco, with a great personality, friendly, full of tradition and passion, which invites you to talk and enjoy in good company. Balanced and elegant in aromas, with lime, peach, jasmine and honey, it is velvety in the mouth, with a smooth and persistent mid palate, with a good presence of fruit and typical reminiscences of the variety, as well as an interesting memory of blond raisins and dried fruits. It definitely denotes a lot of character and elegance. It is a handcrafted product with numbered bottles, has the sign of the producer.

Production Capacity

20,000 bottles / year

Packing & Shipping

Boxes of 6 bottles of 500 ml. each

Quality Control

Very high quality product, small batch production. A limited edition product with numbered bottles.

Research and Development Capacity.

Duly qualified personnel

Trade Capacity

Duly qualified personnel

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