Artwork Naranja Knight

Brand: elRAiSE aka Andy Risquez

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Mixed Media 
4 Layers
Acrylic & Spray Paint
11.25 x 9 (with frame)
The Naranja Knight is 1 of 4 framed boxes.
Original & Very Limited Art Piece

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Production Process

Normally takes a week to produce and finalize all the layers, then back to the shop to get them done, this process is 2 weeks.


Through out my process as an artist, i certify that each art piece is hand crafted and individually built. That is a trademark and a stamp you can be totally guaranteed.

Production Capacity

Monthly Production is defined by the current collection that Im working on. The number of art pieces would go from 10 to 25.

Packing & Shipping

Each Art piece has a packaging, when shipped this packaging acts as a crate to protect and guarantee the integrity of the work, air cargo or sent by the most reliable couriers.

Quality Control

Individually every art piece has a quality control check. From the safety of it's content, being aware of the immigration laws and there limitations.

Research and Development Capacity.

Each art piece has a different technique, or placement. Some of them are assemblage collage, others have stencil work, lately I've worked with 3d print. Again every technique is defined by the level of criteria behind the collection being produced and built.

Trade Capacity

A collection it's developed during a phase of 2 months or less. During this time, there's also the preparation and to conceptualize each new piece. Furthermore it could increase at a steady pace. In other words we sell as produced, that is the goal.

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  • Contact me directly through email or send me a text. Costs may vary depending where's the final destination, weight, and the building of the crate (s) if needed.

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