Mini Premium Meat Stick x100gr -The best quality beef esophagus, Lean meat snack in a short stick (3 inches), it is a low-fat product and rich in glucosamine

Brand: Happy Doggy

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Mini Premium Meat Stick x100gr

Best Quality Beef Esophagus, Short Stick (3 Inch) Lean Beef Snack, is a low fat product rich in glucosamine, which helps when there are problems in the dog's joints, prevents injuries and keeps pets healthy .
Good source of protein that helps to strengthen muscle fibers and bones, hair growth and the proper functioning of vital organs.
This snack is used to train and educate dogs, it also helps de-stress, burn energy and at the same time improves oral health by eliminating tartar. They serve to entertain, calm the cravings and stress of the pet.

  • Without Preservatives or preservatives, 100% NATURAL
  • DOES NOT contain chemical ingredients
  • Helps improve the pet's oral health
  • This snack is natural, it dehydrates to eliminate any type of bacteria
  • Serves to entertain, train, calm the dog's cravings and stress
  • Important: Supervise the consumption of Premium Meat Stick, when the dog is large, avoid swallowing the product and could choke.
  • Food supplement to supply to dogs from 3 months of age, of all sizes and breeds.
  • Not suitable for human consumption, do not use in cattle, goats or other ruminants.
  • Keep the product well sealed.
  • This snack is natural, it dehydrates to eliminate any type of bacteria
  • Maximum consumption time 12 months.
  • The product is ready for consumption, once opened it is recommended to consume it in the shortest possible time.
  • Store the product in its original packaging at room temperature, in a dry and cool place.
  • The recommended amounts must be adapted to the behavior and activity of your pet to keep it at its ideal weight.
  • The Premium Meat Stick is a medium-hard snack
  • Breed size breed weight equivalent to one day
  • Small Breeds = 2 to 10 kg = 1 to 2 Sticks
  • Medium Breeds = 10 to 22 kg = 1 to 2 Sticks
  • Large Breeds = 22 to 45 kg = 3 to 4 Sticks
  • Giant Breeds = More than 45 kg = 4 to 5 Sticks

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