Swing chair that can be used indoors and outdoors, multicolored padded exterior upholstery fabric and the interior is cotton and polyester. It is complemented by a wooden bar with an aluminum center,

Brand: Shirapta

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They are portable, easy to install, can be hung from the ceiling or use brackets to hang them and arrange them anywhere you prefer.
We work with a variety of patterns and unicolors. This product resists up to 150 kg, easy to wash, excellent for resting and giving a decorative touch to a preferred space and creating a magical place for reading or meditation or simply enjoying.

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Production Process

The preparation of our products starts from the design and selection of colors, typeface for customization and assembly, all with the greatest illusion of making a highly enjoyable product.


Our products are made with the highest standards of comfort, size, ergonomics, they are personalized, portable, padded products that allow us to enjoy them in every situation.

Production Capacity

Our production capacity varies according to the type of product and the season.

Packing & Shipping

We dedicate ourselves with great love to pleasing our customers worldwide and for this we take care of our product by packing it in vacuum-sealed bags and boxes for international orders and for national shipments carefully sealed in plastic bags.

Quality Control

We take care of the quality from the purchase of the raw material, going of course through the review of each of the processes to the exhaustive review of our final product.

Research and Development Capacity.

All our staff is highly trained for the manufacture of each of our products and under constant supervision by the department in charge of its quality.

Trade Capacity

It varies according to the season and the demand for the product.

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The business policy is personalized and may vary according to the type of client and type of negotiation.

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Product delivery varies according to the negotiated quantity.

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We only handle refund if there are defects in the delivered merchandise

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Spending time in this chair recharges you with energy.

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