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JMC LOGISTICS CARGO provides you with advice on your special hydrocarbon and construction projects.

To support the hydrocarbon logistics process, we carry out the appropriate treatment of the transport of this component from the different deposits for refining or to the port for export. The most used means of transport is the pipeline, although in some cases different types of vehicles adapted for this purpose are used. This is due to the fact that the capacity of the pipelines is limited to the volume of crude produced and the reserves in each field.

On the other hand, for the accompaniment of construction projects we have strategic alliances and highly qualified personnel in the sector to help construction companies in order to supply in the best conditions the necessary resources for the execution of their projects. This advice seeks to guarantee the supply, storage, processing and availability of material resources and services in the work areas, as well as the sizing of production equipment in order to make production processes efficient.

We have the necessary experience to customize a complete process that can bring great economic savings and great benefits for the optimization of resources. We invite you to request your quote for your type of special project.

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JMC LOGISTICS CARGO Bozinga B2b Wholesale Marketplace Bussiness Type: Service Provider
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JMC LOGISTICS CARGO SAS was founded in 2003, with the purpose of developing a leading company in comprehensive logistics services, based on principles of ethics and honesty. With 18 years of experience, we are an International Cargo Agency authorized by The National Tax and Customs Directorate (DIAN), which provides logistics solutions, with a high level and experience in the transport industry. The company has a network of worldwide agents and strategic alliances that allow its associates to keep connected with foreign trade. Currently, JMC Logistics Cargo is located in a strategic location in Bogotá, Colombia close to the El Dorado international airport and the free zone of the country, where the entire cargo and customs sector is concentrated.

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