High Pressure Fluid Pumping


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HT-400™ Pump is a lightweight, rugged, versatile unit that was introduced in 1957. Its name denotes Horizontal Triplex and its original rating of 400 horsepower. Since its debut, the basic design has been improved and upgraded until it now is rated at 800 hp maximum in some configurations. The pump has performed millions of operating hours in fracturing, acidizing, cementing, and sand and water control work. Features The twin-pump or flexibility concept is particularly useful when precise pumping ranges and controls are required. Halliburton exclusively manufactured the HT-400 pump power end, so that practically all parts are interchangeable. The exception is that the power end case is built in both left- and right-hand configurations. Internal parts, including the proven worm/ring gear sets, are identical, only the case is different. Power ends can be fitted with any of the five sizes of fluid ends – 3 3/8”, 4”, 4 ½”, 5” and 6” plungers – each with characteristics suitable for specific applications.

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Midland Oil Tools emerged as a holding company in the oilfield market in 2010. Today Midland Oil Tools provides specialized services in three countries.

Production Process

Our production process are done under regurous supervision according to ISO 9001 and a world class quality control.


Our manufacturing facility is the same that manufactures to the larges oilfield service companies, we can offer similar products ant a fraction of the cost. We offer very good quality and low cost.

Production Capacity

We are capable of manufacturing as many tools as required by our clients.

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Depending on destination we pack & ship the product in coordination with our clients.

Quality Control

All Quality control is done according to international manufacturing standards.

Research and Development Capacity.

We have a team of 3 for R&D.

Trade Capacity

Trade capacity will depend on delivery location and the size of the order.

Quality Certified

ISO 9001-2015

OHSAS 18001-2007

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Net 30 days.

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Depending on the service or product required time varies from 73 hrs to 90 days.

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