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Natural Fruit: 100%


The grape is a great source of vitamins and therapeutic substances, there are many varieties, its use both fresh and in the form of wine makes it a highly appreciated fruit. It is a food with excellent health beneficial properties


The vine is native to Asia and is known since Prehistory. Its cultivation began in the Neolithic and was extended to the rest of Europe from where it reached the American continent. Currently the main producing continent is Europe.

·    The grape, in addition to nourishing, exerts a beneficial effect. Resveratrol contains a substance present mainly in the skin of the black and red grape, of antifungal action (prevents the growth of fungi) and especially antioxidant. Recent research has shown that it also has anti-cancer properties.

·    Flavonoids (such as quercitrin), and tannins, which act as potent antioxidants, preventing the effects of aging as well as the oxidation of cholesterol and the formation of thrombi in the arteries.

·    It also provides beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A, very useful for perfect vision and protection of the mucous membranes, in addition to being an excellent antioxidant.


FOB price is the same, regardless of the presentation, as we sell 1kg unit box for US$ 2.33FOB.

Mínimum order quantity 200 boxes.


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We have a policy that achieves customer satisfaction through innocuous and quality products obtaining profitability levels adjusted to the current market situation, with suppliers that guarantee inputs of excellent quality, adapting a technology and infrastructure to ensure the quality of our products in order to achieve continuous improvement of the integrated management system we have, guaranteeing the safety and health of people minimizing the risks progressively and the environmental impact generated by the company's productive activities; the above with training permanently of the collaborating team, to stimulate their personal and professional growth, finally fulfilling the objectives set.

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Production Process

The exotic and tropical fruits of our regions are grown at different heights above sea level and different temperature and rainfall conditions, which provide the ideal medium for growing each variety making them very popular with international markets. The treatment of the fruit includes a thorough selection, washing, cutting, peeling and separation of seeds and husks, to then pack the pulp and freeze it at a temperature of –18 ° C in our fast freezing tunnels to preserve the nutritional properties of Each of the fruitsOur frozen pulps have no dyes or preservatives, maintain the flavor and nutritional characteristics of the fruit from which they are extracted, and their shelf life is 18 months. For the preparation of the juice, the pulp is simply defrosted, water is added in the indicated proportion and sugar to taste, obtaining a 100% natural juice.


We have the certifications ISO 9001 in quality, ISO 22000 in Food Security, HACCP,Analysis and Control of Critical Points, the favorable concept of FDA of the United States and of INVIMA in Colombia, where our processes were evaluated thus complying with the highest quality standards in order to offer our national and international clients support, seriousness and compliance in the delivery of our products, so that they can conduct negotiations with full confidence based on the efficiency and effectiveness generated by the group of people who make it willing to serve.

Production Capacity

400 tons per year

Packing & Shipping

Bilaminado con poliamida, no genera contaminación cruzada y es amigable con el medio ambiente

Quality Control

ISO 9001, ISO 14000, IS0 22000, HACCP

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