Concrete improver BETTERCRETO, concrete waterproofer, extend the resistance of your concrete


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Bettercreto Hydro and Protekt are water-based liquids. They penetrate deeply into the substrate matrix and react with the mineral components of the cement (portlandite / Ca (OH) 2), forming an extremely stable, impermeable, solid and acid-resistant calcium silicate hydrate (HSC) crystalline structure. , high density and resistant to abrasion, preventing the penetration of liquids that permanently damage and stain the concrete.

The result of the solidification process is remarkable and demonstrable through scratch resistance. Since they can be applied on damp surfaces, no laborious drying of the subfloor is necessary before applying Bettercreto Hydro and Protekt.

Due to the safety of the material used, no special safety precautions are needed, such as those observed, for example, in the processing of epoxy products.


They change the concrete matrix, forming a dense and durable structural network that solidifies the subsoil, closes the pores and increases the resistance of the surface. They permanently interrupt the entry of water and humidity. They are perfect for waterproofing and protecting against any liquid, such as water, acid rain, sea water, sewage, chemicals (acids and alkalis), etc.
They improve chemical resistance and abrasion resistance through durable silicate structure (the result of the solidification process is remarkable through scratch resistance). They do not allow the development of efflorescence and saltpeter, they do not change the appearance of the surface where they are applied. They allow the substrate to be permeable to water vapor / offer breathable waterproofing, penetrate deep into the subsoil thanks to nanotechnology (and its very low viscosity)
Resistant to UV rays, frost, fire and very high temperatures, Easy to apply, they are one-component products and to use, Quick drying process (without laborious drying of the subfloor before application) In addition, they do not attract dirt since they dry without become sticky. They do not contain ingredients that damage the construction material, perfectly suitable for use on damp surfaces
Ecological, respectful and environmentally friendly product due to inorganic material, solvent-free, VOC-free and odorless.

In addition, it does not change the appearance of the substrate where it has been applied, our products are recommended in Docks, Piles, Platforms, Ditches, Shock absorbers, Marine structures, Posts and bases, as well as architectural concretes and historical monuments.
TESTS AND CERTIFICATES: NYCE Laboratories, EC 2001/58 / EG Transport non-hazardous AITA / ICAO OEBA for use in drinking water.


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