Canelo Incense Sticks, by Umo Recolector - Aroma Patagonia - High Quality Incense - 10 Sticks Box - Aromatic Smoke - Ancestral Tree Bark - For Relaxation and Sensorial Activation

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Canelo: Also known as Winter Bark (Drimys winteri), the Canelo is a tree native to the deep south of Chile and Argentina. It is considered a sacred tree by the Mapuche people, an indigenous inhabitants of that region, for its alleged healing properties.

Aromatic: The canelo’s bark, when burnt, is extremely aromatic and it is considered as a high quality incense. We, as Umo Recolector, aim to revitalize this ancestral tree as a top quality product. The canelo’s scent is sweet, deep, has a strong wood essence, and blends so well with the cedar. 

Benefits: The Mapuche used the canelo as a ceremonial tree, as a sign of cleansing and purification. This aromatic smoke is perfect for creating a relaxing and soothing environment, ideal for a break from your daily activities. It also acts as a sensorial activator. The cedar, on the other hand, brings intensity and spices. Provides strength, grounding, and security. It is useful in cases of stress, anxiety and tension.

How To Use It: Burn the end of the stick for 30 seconds in a well-ventilated area. Once lit, the stick lasts approximately one hour. You can light them on and put them out as many times as you want. We recommend putting them out on sand or dirt. Keep out of the reach of children.

Clean Production: We are localized in Pucón, Chile. We select our raw materials according to principles of responsible harvesting, fair trade and local development.


The ancestral power of the canelo:

The canelo is one of the trees with the greatest symbolic and spiritual significance in South America. It only grows on land capable of maintaining a certain humidity. It is possible to find it from the Limarí river to Tierra del Fuego, in the south of Chile and Argentina.

This tree is sacred for many reasons for the Mapuche people. Among other aspects, they consider that its trunk channels the hidden messages between heaven and earth and that it helps us to see things clearly and in a luminous way.

It is a very pretty tree, with large, elongated leaves that on the back are a bright gray, almost silver color. In Chiloé, a Chilean southern island, it is said that when this magical tree turns its leaves showing its silver color, the rain approaches. It blooms from September to November giving small white flowers.

Canelo’s bark, when burnt, recalls the essence of wood. Its white flowers have a soft, sweet and discreet smell, a little aniseed. Its berries are edible and also very peppery. The spicy peculiarity of the tree is also observed in the name that is used abroad to name the berries. In France they are known as "Poivre de Patagonie", "Poivre Austral" and "Poivre de Chiloé", that is, Patagonian Pepper, Southern Pepperl and Chiloé Pepper.

In addition to its ancestral and sacred uses, it is a tree rich in medicinal properties. The Canelo is stimulating, it is effective against the general weakness of the organism and against nervous exhaustion and fatigue. In the past, it even became world famous for saving sailors from scurvy due to its extremely high vitamin C content.

Our company was born in 2014 as UMO Recolector, and we are pioneers in the artisan production of canelo incense sticks with aromas of the forest. We have our workshop in Pucón, Chile, and we work with an eye on the well-being of people and the community: we select our raw material according to criteria of responsible harvesting, fair trade and local development.

We are a happy and creative team. We interact in a direct, transparent and collaborative way. We create alliances with people and institutions that share our values. We work together with the local community for development in a responsible and respectful way with the environment.


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  • El canelo (Drimys winteri) es un árbol nativo que crece en gran parte del territorio de Argentina y Chile. Se adapta con facilidad a una gran variedad de condiciones climáticas por lo que está presente en el bosque austral patagónico. Para los mapuche, pueblo originario de América del Sur, el canelo es un árbol sagrado que representa la unión entre el cielo y la tierra. En algunas de sus ceremonias, queman su corteza para limpiar y purificar el aire. El canelo tiene diversas propiedades medicinales y su madera suele utilizarse en construcción. No se encuentra amenazada o en peligro de extinción.

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