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The sweet potato belongs to the Convolvulaceae family.

Within the genus Ipomoea there are 13 other wild species. The only one cultivated is I. batatas. I trifid is used to detect certain viruses through grafts. It is a herbaceous and perennial plant that is grown as an annual. The growth habit can be erect, semi-erect, or extended, although it is predominantly prostate. The stems, which expand horizontally on the ground, are cylindrical and of variable length according to the cultivar and environmental conditions. They are generally between 50 cm and 2 m in length, although there are cases in which they can reach 5 m. They are predominantly green in color, although they can also be purple. The combinations of green with purple in the apical part and in the nodes are common. They can be glabrous or hairy. The internodes are of variable length, from a few centimeters to 10 cm. They almost always present primary, secondary and tertiary branches. The total number of branches varies between 3 and 30 and depends on the genetic material and the environment. At a lower planting density, the ramifications generally increase, and they also start earlier. High availability of water and nitrogen also tend to increase branching, while long photoperiods decrease them.

The sweet potato has a great diversity of leaf shapes. Even within the same plant, in some cultivars the leaves vary their shape as the plant develops (Figure 1.1). The leaves are simple and arranged in a spiral on the stems. Basically seven leaf shapes are recognized: rounded, reniform (kidney shape), cordate (heart shape), triangular, hastada (with three lobes with the central one in the shape of a lance with more or less divergent basal lobes), lobed, and almost divided (Figure 1.2). The predominant color is green in its different shades. Many cultivars have purple young leaves (Figure 1.3). Like the stems, the leaves can be glabrous or pubescent. The ribs are palmate, green or purple, or a combination of both colors (Figure 1.4).

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