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We are a company that works in the conservation of the environment and bees, through the installation and extraction of bee products, especially Honey.

Production Process

Our beehives are installed on the north Colombian coast, in a reserve of tropical dry forest, called Montes de Maria. There the harvest is between December and January, the process begins with the installation of the hives at least 6 months before harvest and is extracted for the mentioned period. The extraction is in the field, manually under GMP standards. The extracted honey is transported to our packing plant, where the product is received, filtered, decanted and packaged.


It is completely PURE honey, raw and unfiltered in an industrial way, we only remove impurities. In addition, it is a product worked in an artisanal way, which has a whole GMP process, which guarantees quality.

Production Capacity

10,000 units per reference.

Packing & Shipping

Boxes for 24 units.

Quality Control

Certification of BPM by local Colombian quality entities. Organic certification pending.

Research and Development Capacity.

In Apiarios de la Sabana we work 5 people in the administrative and research area, where we are 4 women and 1 man, in the part of technical assistance to the hives, there are 3 people fixed and we reach 10 in work per day in harvest times .

Trade Capacity

At this time we have an average of 8000 units of the product per reference. Remember that we have 4 references: Traditional honey, honey with lemon, honey with ginger, HOT honey.

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