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Brand: Yuvaika Boutique

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Our Yuvaika antibacterial gel was designed with the needs of our customers in mind; in the face of the contingency of COVID-19. It is important to maintain a good acceptance of our hands, so it is recommended to use the gel whenever it is considered necessary. We have seen that continuous applications of antibacterial gel help the skin to dry out, for this reason our gel contains Glycerin (moisturizing effect on the skin), blue spheres of vitamin E (Antioxidant).

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We are an entrepreneurship with more than 6 years of experience, located in Antioquia, Colombia.

Production Process

Within all our line products, we are able to produce 5000 units a month.


We worry about your hair health, but also about the environment, animals wellness and people empowering. We want to build a network of allied stylists in Antioquia and Colombia, who think both about beauty of the hair and its well-being

Production Capacity

Within all our line products, we are able to produce 5000 units a month.

Packing & Shipping

Products are sent from Bello, Antioquia. Our products are sent in boxes and are protected by stress paper so the products gets in perfect conditions.

Quality Control

We supervise every production batches, choosing randomly some products and check technical characteristics of the product such as: viscosity, color and odor.

Research and Development Capacity.

There is one person on charge of the design products and we work together along with our equipment of production.

Trade Capacity

Besides, our sales channels are articulated vía digital

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We will only make your order if it is made a 50% advance

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There is a maximum shipping deadline of 30 day business work to send your order.

Shippings are made all over the country. Dependding on the country region it is open to negotiation.

Refund Policy

All our products are sent with a secutiry seal for your safety. If this seal is broken or altered we will send back yoru product.

If you have received your products an it is spilled or dented, we will sent back your product

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