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Alimentos Naranja Verde S.A.S Bozinga B2b Wholesale Marketplace Bussiness Type: Manufacturer
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Production Process

Reception of the fruit, selection to determine the quality of the product, disinfection and washing of the fruits, later the different cuts are made according to the specifications of each client, the fruit is taken to the dehydration process once the fruit is dehydrated We proceed to the packaging, enlistment and shipment of the order.


"WE ARE LIKE THE FRUIT TREE THAT CHANGES THE WORLD, YOUR WORLD." Why do we do it? For those people who love healthy, but are tired of not having appetizing options, for those men and women who love and take care of their eating habits, but have few rich and healthy options for them, for all those who started the change of their world, it is because of them that Tayico exists. How do we do it? The path to changing the world begins with each person by changing their habits. We help them with options for a healthier, more natural diet, without chemicals or preservatives. What do we do? We make products based on 100% natural fruits and vegetables that do not contain chemicals, added sugars, gluten, or any substance that is harmful to the body.

Production Capacity

10 tons per month, subject to review depending on the order.

Packing & Shipping

Packing is in a polypropylene bag and a corrugated cardboard box which varies according to the quantities.

Quality Control

Established by our staff.

Research and Development Capacity.

We have 28 people previously qualified for the proper development of the dehydration process.

Trade Capacity

5 tons per month, subject to review depending on the order.

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