Camel Cigarette Box - Camel Full Flavour Brand (Yellow) 50 Cartons x 10 Packs x 20 Cigarettes, With tobacco.

Brand: Camel

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Minimum Purchase Quantity : 25
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Camel began in 1913 when R.J Reynolds saw the opportunity to introduce a brand of cigarettes like never before. Today, more than 100 years later, Camel is still a creative icon.

Content: Camel Full Flavour (Yellow) 50 Cartons x 10 Packs x 20 Cigarettes:


  • 50 Cartons = 500 Packs.
  • 500 Packs = 10,000 Cigarette units.
  • Weight: 31.28lbs / 14.22kg.
  • Measurements: Length: 18.1 "/ 46cm X Width: 10.0" / 25.5cm X Height: 23.0 "/ 58.5cm.


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  • Price / Currency: American dollars (USD $).
  • The price EXW Colombia or EXW Panama.
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